We believe quality comes first. By ensuring our sourced fresh products are of the highest caliber before purchase and because we monitor and manage every stage of our supply chain, we can provide every customer with an unfailing assurance of quality.


We pride ourselves on our long-standing relationships with our growers. They allow for a fully traceable supply chain where we often know the location of the specific plot of land from which our fresh product originated.

Quality Checks

All facilities are operated utilizing closely monitored quality control check points at each stage of product processing, packaging and shipping.

Food Safety

All facilities are in compliance with all protocols and standards established by the safe food certifying organizations that govern and monitor our industry.


Our operations are up to date with all safety, health and environmental standards and certifications.


Our processing facilities are located in the heart of each region where our source products are grown. Our strategically located operations enable us to supervise harvesting and monitor product quality from the farm to our processing facilities.


In more than 40 years of livestock and pet food ingredients processing, we have never been involved in a recall. Our reputation for quality is well-known and well-respected among competitors and customers. We promise to provide safe ingredients that help maintain our customers’ reputation for quality and elevate their brand position.