Our business began with a vision created by two long-standing partners both with a deep family heritage of growing fresh produce and producing livestock feed ingredients.

Both partners still work with customers one-on-one each day. Through the years, the partners capitalized on their knowledge and expertise and began producing innovative dried vegetable and fruit ingredients to meet the changing demands of the pet food industry.

We own four distinctive drying and processing operations in the heart of America’s most prolific agriculture growing regions. Each operation features a unique product portfolio and processing capability. Our owners know every grower we interact with personally and have company experts sourcing product at the point of origin. Within each operation, we maintain boots on the ground at all points of the supply chain, from specifying and monitoring product quality at harvest to delivery through each stage of product processing.


Our four processing facilities purchase only whole, fresh product directly from trusted growers and quality food processors. Once the product is harvested, the product never leaves our control. The controls we manage at each point of our unique supply chain is a testament to our focus on quality assurance and our commitment to you.

Our Mesa Verde Trading Company processing facility is located in McFarland, California. Here we specialize in processing tomato pomace sourced from three of the largest producers of tomato paste in the Central Valley. We also process whole, dried blueberry originating from our dryer facility in Georgia. Our processing capabilities include both mechanical and solar drying, extruding and pelletizing.

The Kern Delta Company operations take place near Bakersfield, California at the southern end of California’s productive Central Valley. Kern Delta sources and supplies tomato pomace, dried carrot, dried whole potato, sweet potato, blueberries, broccoli and pomegranate. These ingredients are processed using either mechanical or solar drying and then prepared in ground or pelletized form.

Our dedicated potato processing operations are found in Center, Colorado and Malin, Oregon, where the finest potatoes in the world are grown. This allows us to provide the highest quality, USA-sourced dried whole ground potato in the pet food industry. Our process is simple: we dice whole potatoes, mechanically dehydrate them and then grind to customer specifications all while never adding or removing anything from the potato.